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Marc Jacobs is a thief! He cruelly tortures a young girl called Angel Barta

I am Angel Barta, fashion designer and writer.

I met Marc Jacobs in 2008. He has been stealing my designs, using MY ideas, MY talent for his own success... Please read my story...

      Marc Jacobs is a real Godfather behind his sweet funny Sponge Bob mask... He has been pressuring and torturing me for 5 years now...

So how is that possible, that a fashion designer, called Marc Jacobs is controlling so many things other than just designing in the fashion industry... he decides which models are the supermodels, who gets the best campaigns and editorials....
Let me share some interesting information with you....
You may know that Marc works for his own line and for Vuitton, but what you may not know yet, is that he has an affect at many other brands too. He decides what will be the trend at Miu Miu, Prada and many other brands also... he gives MY ideas, WITHOUT my permission for many brands...
You may ask how is that possible?

   Well, there is a woman, called Katie Grand she is the long time friend, supporter, collegue of Marc J. She is the editor of many magazines such as LOVE, POP, she is a stylist at many big campaigns, such as Dsquared, HM, Dolce Gabbana, she designes for Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton, MJ, Prada, Topshop, Giles, Nina Ricci ( the ex right hand of Marc J., called Peter Copping is the new creative director of Nina Ricci, he got the job thank to Marc, so he copies my ideas, without a word)
With the help of Katie Grand, my unique ideas and style has spread to many brands... They copied the backgrounds, feeling, atmosphere, place, colours, lights, poise of my photo.... for many Vogue editorials and ad campaigns.

Katie Grand, the main supporter of Marc Jacobs in his cruel game

So how come that Marc Jacobs a fashion designer is the most influental model maker today?

Well, the answer is quite simple. He has been working in fashion for more decades. He knows everyone, he has contacts and friends at every big fashion brand... and there is Katie Grand, who puts the Hungarian models everywhere she can, this is part of the pressure they put down on me.

At Dior Marc's contact is Camille Micheli, who brings my ideas to Dior, she used to work with Marc for so many years, before she got her job at Dior. Dior is part of the same Fashion Group as LV.

Read why Marc Jacobs is not gay really, here, photos and details about his affair with Rachel Zoe, who helps him to copy my style.

When I first met Marc Jacobs, 5 years ago, there were no Hungarian models in the fashion industry, every brand wanted to work with Brasilian, Russian girls.

Marc noticed me and my special style from the first moment, when he saw me at his gym.

He promised he would make the first Hungarian topmodel out of me, he just asked for my inspiration, my photos, ideas and fashion designs.

He told me I was the first woman he fell in love with...

Of course I belived him and supported him with my ideas, love and energy. He copied all of the elements of my style., for example the oversize colourful bows I am wearing, my hats, colours mix, shapes, feelings, everything that is me, Angel.

After two years, he was still making me belive he would own up to loving me and designing me, would tell the world that I was his inspiration... meanwhile he won many many international awards, he even won a "half-life time award", and he became a lord.

After I started to see clearly that he just used me for his own success, I tryied to cut him off of my life, but he did not want to let me go. He kept calling me, writing me. He did all the sneaky tricky thing he could, to not let me start my life all over again without him.

Then I wrote my story in a love book, hoping that he would let me live my life after... he read my book and used all the informations against me. I wrote honestly about all my dreams, hopes, feelings.I became an open book to him. He learned my weakness...

He gave all my dreams, wishes for other Hungarian models. All the things I wrote in my book, he made them come true for other Hungarian girls...step by step... After I got over the first thing, he made another one... he did everything to break me, and take away my passion for fashion.

Today anywhere I go I run into the photos that are the copies of my ideas....

I asked Marc so many times, " Why are you doing this to me? Why is it good to you when I suffer?"

I never hurt him, no matter how much he did hurt me, I treated him nicely. I was probably the only person in the world who honestly loved him.

All he said was, that he designed my soul and he wanted to write his name with GOLD letter into the fashion history and he knew that with my talent he could do it for sure....he said he was happy when I am suffering...
Here are some photos that he has copied. He copies every single detail of my photos.


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