2013. február 4., hétfő

Marc Jacobs the most cruel thief in the world! He tortures a young girl!

I am Angel Barta, writer and fashion designer.
Marc Jacobs has been using my ideas without my permission for 5 years. He designed my style for many big brands. He stalks me, keeps me in psycho-terror, hackes my phone and does not let me live my life.

I wrote more articles about my story on my blog. Please read it and share it! Help me, please!
I have another blog where I write many details: http://styleangelique.blogspot.hu/2012/12/marc-jacobs-godfather-in-sponge-bob.html
Marc Jacobs and Rachel Zoe:

Marc Jacobs the Godfather in Sponge Bob disguise, how and why he tortures me, read it here

Watch my video, how I suffer every season before his fashion show...

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