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Dior copies the ideas of a talented young fashion designer!

                      Dior, Angel Barta and Marc Jacobs
 ( secret connections)

I am Angel Barta, fashion designer and writer. I wrote a book about my relationship with Marc Jacobs. Marc Jacobs has been using my ideas without my permission for 5 years. There are more articles about my story on my blog.

    I've already mentioned that Marc Jacobs copies my ideas for Dior also.
    Now you're asking that how is possible that
the designer of Louis Vuitton copies my style for DIOR?

Well, he can do it easily.

First, he had to find an undercover man at the company, someone who will tell him all the insider informations from Dior, all the gossips, news that only the employes of Dior can know.

In this case, his undercover man is called Camille Micheli, an Italian woman, who used to work for Chanel at the PR for 7 years. ( she still have friends at Chanel, so she can help Marc if he needs something from Chanel)

Camille Micheli is really good friend with Katie Grand,
who also helps Marc in his cruel game against me.
They sat front row at BALENCIAGA.

Then she worked at the LV communications, where she became really close friends with Marc Jacobs. After a while she told Marc, that she was bored with PR and wanted to work on the creative side of the fashion shows. Marc said "Ok, So I 'll call you my muse from now on... and you will get the creative advisor position at the company" Then she designed jewelry, for a couple of years.

 Then in 2009 Camille de Miceli became the Creative Director of Jewelry at Dior. She left her position at LV. From that time it was a piece of cake for Marc to have an affect on what the Dior fashion house designs, what campaigns they shoot, which models they use in their campaigns. Camille helped Marc. You can read an article about Camille's career and her friendship with Jacobs on Elle.com
Here are a few from the many pictures, they copied after my photos, my life, my memories....


Marc Jacobs with Camille Micheli in 2010 after the LV show

Watch me on this video where I send a message for Marc Jacobs, the Thief of the Century!

I made this video in 2012 summer. I was wearing my own designes stripped Angel Barta dress. In 2012 summer polka dots were the must have trends of the summer. 2 months later Jacobs designed a collection full of stripped outfits... each single outfit was stripped! 
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