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Marc Jacobs the fake fashion designer stealing the ideas of a young designer

My name is Angel Barta. I am a fashion designer at Angel Barta VIP Couture.

I would like to share the sad truth with you about famous American designer Marc Jacobs. There is something that the media hides from you.

I first met Marc Jacobs back in 2008, in Paris. He noticed my special style from the first moment. He is a very sneaky person. He thought I was a young, innocent girl, so he could easily seduce me with his promises of top model career in the fashion industry. He made a plan that he would steal my ideas, copy my designs and enjoy the success and the money he earns with my talent.

Marc Jacobs has been stealing my ideas, my style, my photos and my concepts for six years. My unique fashion designs have enticed Marc to reproduce my creations across the brands he has his hand in. He wants to be the most powerful person in the fashion world by using my ideas without my permission. He steals my designs with illegal, dirty tricks.

Jacobs suppressed all my efforts at getting a job for myself, so he could go on using my talent for himself as long as possible.

  Jacobs wants to hide me and the fact that he has been using MY ideas from the fashion industry. Since he discovered that my unique style sells well, he plans to carry on hiding me and stealing my ideas as long as possible.
This has been going on for almost 6 years. So last year I decided to start my blog about my story to let the truth be known by everyone and to finally force Marc to leave me alone. Just because he is rich and famous does not give the right to trample on an innocent young girl.

The more I knew Marc that scarier and more cruel person he seemed to be. In the last few years I realized that Marc Jacobs is the Manipulator of the century. He wants to control the entire media system. He has great influence on many celebrities. He controls and pressures many singers and actors. Marc Jacobs's sick fantasies stand out in his editorials and in the performances of today's big stars. ( Natalia Vodianova (Russian model) Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Kanye West, Rick Owen, Miranda Kerr, Fanning Sisters, Sofia Coppola, Terry Richardson, Beth Ditto)

I wrote a 500 pages long book about my true story with Marc Jacobs. It is titled 'Fake Fashion'. In my book I honestly write about my experiences with Marc. I included my talks, messages, texts with Marc in my book.
When it comes to money and power Jacobs turns into the Devil.

Find out more about my shocking story: dirty games, dirty sex, dirty tricks and betrayal for power.

 Fake Fashion, Download the juicy truth now.

Click here to purchase the book now only for $5
If you want to know more details, you can read more articles on my blog. More than 780.000 people have read story by 2014 August.

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